22 Things that happen when you don’t get enough sleep

1 June, 2011

This is what happens when you don’t get enough sleep:

  1. Your mood alters: this can lead to depression, anxiety, irritability and loss of sense of humour.  Mood shift is one of the first things to affect you when you don’t sleep enough.
  2. Your ability to concentrate is impaired.  You may feel confused.
  3. Your perceptual movement-related skills are diminished.  This can be particularly limiting for athletes.
  4. Your ability to remember facts, faces and names is diminished.
  5. Tolerance is also lowered.  Anger may result in relationship issues.   Our social skills are diminished, and we risk alienating friends, loved ones and colleagues.
  6. You are likely to experience loss of energy and alertness.  You may feel groggy and have trouble concentrating.
  7. You may be affected by overwhelming feelings of not being able to cope, even with normal tasks and moderate workloads.
  8. You become less decisive.
  9. You will encounter an increase in levels of worry, frustration and nervousness.
  10. Your stress levels are likely to be increased associated with higher levels of stress hormone.
  11. You will probably find it difficult to relax, even under conditions without excessive pressure.
  12. You may experience microsleeps, brief episodes of sleep which last just a few seconds.  These could result in lack of attention and even accidents.
  13. You may even be affected by longer, unintended periods of sleep, which can be even more disastrous.
  14. Drowsiness during the day reduces your ability to function properly.  You are likely to feel drowsy and lethargic with associated loss of motivation.
  15. You are unlikely to be as creative.
  16. Recent research suggests that loss of sleep can be associated with weight-gain.
  17. Your productivity will be reduced caused by an inability to concentrate and reduced motor skills, coordination and cognitive functions.
  18. Your ability to handle complex tasks will be impaired, partly due to your reduced ability to think logically and critically.
  19. You may experience aching muscles and headaches.
  20. Your eyes are likely to be bloodshot.
  21. You experience a loss of libido.
  22. If sleep deprivation persists, you increase your chances of being affected by serious medical conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or fibromyalgia.

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