Need More Sleep?

9 January, 2013

Need More Sleep? The Facts On Sleeping Disorders


The Secret To Better Sleep

12 December, 2012

The Secret to Better Sleep

Learn How To Sleep Better With Hypnosis

1 December, 2012

If you suffer from sleeping problems and insomnia, you may want to consider hypnosis.

Despite the myths surrounding the technique, which often originate with stage tricksters rather than authentic therapeutic practitioners, hypnosis is a genuine, safe and non-habit forming alternative to other sleep remedies.


How I use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to improve sleep.

26 November, 2012

how to use emotional freedom technique to improve sleep

It is believed that more than 60 per cent of the population is affected by sleep disorders at one point or another. The range of sleeping problems is very wide indeed, as physicians have identified more than 70 different conditions.

As someone who has battled with sleep problems for quite some time, I understand the feelings of frustration and exhaustion that often accompany those who are affected by sleep problems. The consequences of sleep deprivation range from irritability and poor concentration levels to weight problems (and believe me, I have experienced them all).

Try this Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) Exercize

22 November, 2011

progressive muscle relaxation

progressive muscle relaxation

Here is another great way to relax your mind.

Do this when you are already in bed.  The PMR exercise teaches you effective progressive muscle relaxation through a two-step process. First you deliberately tense certain muscle groups, and then you relax the muscles and turn your attention to noticing how the tension flows away.

Here is a step-by-step way to relax your muscles and your mind in preparation for sleep:

  1.  If you’re not already in bed, find a quiet place to perform the exercise.  It should be warm, free from distractions such as TV or music, and somewhere where you know you won’t be disturbed
  2.  Make yourself comfortable, loosening or removing your clothes
  3.  Plan on falling asleep before you finish the exercise – so don’t light candles but do be ready for bed
  4. (more…)

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