Need More Sleep?

9 January, 2013

Need More Sleep? The Facts On Sleeping Disorders


The Secret To Better Sleep

12 December, 2012

The Secret to Better Sleep

The High Cost of Insomnia

7 December, 2012

The High Cost of Insomnia

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Are you really an insomniac? Answer these 11 questions to find out.

5 June, 2011

Take our Sleep Quiz to find out if you suffer from insomnia.  The questions are based on typical insomnia signs which will help determine whether you an insomniac.

The word “insomnia” is often over- or misused.  If you have the occasional bad night (who doesn’t?) but sleep just fine most of the time, then you don’t suffer from insomnia.

Insomnia signs are characterized by persistent sleep disturbance and poor quality sleep at night and is typically followed by functional impairment during the day.

Answer the following 10 questions to find out if you may be suffering from insomnia.

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