14 tips to recover from a sleepless night

14 December, 2011

Last night, our two-year old woke up and screamed.  Sounds familiar?

He is normally a very reliable sleeper, so my wife and I both assumed that it was time to get up and take his older brothers and sister to school.

It was only when we were reaching for our toothbrushes, that we glanced at the clock.

It read 1.30am!

We crept back to bed, taking our toddler with us, feeling rather foolish.

Insomnia during pregnancy? 14 tips to get the rest you need

15 November, 2011

insomnia pregnancy

insomnia in pregnancy

Many women suffer from insomnia during pregnancy. According to a joint study conducted by St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia and Delaware County Memorial Hospital in USA, 97% of mums-to-be have trouble sleeping.

So what causes insomnia in pregnancy?

There are many possible causes including:

  • anxiety
  • fear
  • shortness of breath
  • morning sickness
  • excitement/anticipation
  • discomfort (tender breasts, backache, leg cramps etc.)
  • frequent bathroom visits
  • vivid dreams and nightmares
  • heartburn and acid reflux
  • baby kicking


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