Make Space for Sleep

5 July, 2011

Insomnia can be caused by so many different factors.  So often, however, it is a symptom of an overcrowded life.  When you are next lying awake at 3 or 4 o’ clock in the morning, listen to the voices.

They are not the voices of calm, are they?  More the babble of busyness, the endless checklists of things that you haven’t found time to do, money worries resulting from overextended credit cards and relationship worries because you haven’t had time to focus on your family and loved ones.

Here are 5 practices which will make more space in your life and help you to sleep better:

1. Live deliberately

Make choices about how you want to live your life.  Design your future and don’t let other people’s priorities overwhelm yours.  Know what you want out of life and who you want to be with, and cut out the rest.

2. Slow down

Focus on the things that you really want to do and the people who you really want to be with.  Make time to think about where you are going in life.  Are you stuck on a treadmill, never stopping to live deeply or consciously think about what you are doing?  Take some time every day to look inside.  Take an hour.  If you can’t take an hour, take half an hour.  If you can’t take half an hour, make it 15 minutes.  But do it every day.

3. Resolve issues

Take time to make a list of the outstanding issues in your life.  These are the things that you are most likely to be worrying over when you should be sleeping at night.  They may relate to loved ones, money, health issues or any number of other challenges that life has thrown at you.  Resolve to do what you can to respond to some of the challenges and tick them off the list.  Make a plan to pay off the credit card bill, to get that job or to say you are sorry.  Then do it.

4. Clear out your wardrobe…

…or garage.  Or kitchen cupboards.  A cluttered environment causes a cluttered mind and this can lead to increased stress and even anxiety.

5. Live lightly.

Live simply.  Live with less.

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